The Square Mile Images

It was a bright sunny day. One of the problems I encountered was the sun. Too bright, in the shadow too dark. I also had to think about the sun reflecting in the mirror. Getting the right amount of the reflected image into the mirror was difficult too. In some of the photographs, I actually got my my own hand and camera in the shot. I took a few photos of each place I visited.

When I got home I had to make a decision, whether to use the background or not, whether to include the person or not.  I cropped the images to show just the mirror, but something seemed to be lost in the cropped image.  The message was not the same somehow. It told a different story.

Taking these photos has taken me right out of my comfort zone, they have made me look outside the box. I could just go out to my normal haunts and take some really good shots, even maybe technically sound and with a bit of a wow factor, brilliant sunset, tranquil water shot, cute dog, trees and landscapes glowing with autumn tints but that’s not what this exercise is all about.

I have thought about changing them to b&w or sepia, its an old town I live in, may well add a little nostalgia to these shots, of such an old market town, or maybe b&w, adjusting the contrast to give an aged feeling to the image. Food for thought me thinks….

people the high street people the archway people Tesco people natwest people millenium clock people little lane people last post inn people Home people civic hall people Bulls head people black bear inn

After Cropping

mirror black bear inn - Copy mirrir Home - Copy mirror Bulls head - Copy mirror civic hall - Copy mirror last post inn - Copy mirror little lane - Copy mirror millenium clock - Copy mirror natwest - Copy mirror Tesco - Copy mirror the archway - Copy mirror the high street - Copy

The cropped images loose the message.

BW people the high street people the high streetS people the high street

I have decided on the b&w as it defines the lines better. The tones give a clearer definition of the outlines

BW people black bear inn

Girlfriends house, wonder if her dad is home!

BW people the high street

Ha,ha, No Parking spaces left? but I managed to park on the pavement, hehe

BW people the archway

I am frightened of the dark, and is that a monster coming my way??

BW people Tesco

Oh no, its her again, ‘Hello’ my backside, now, has she seen me?

BW people natwest

The paparazzi love me ‘cos I can eat mirrors

BW people millenium clock

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.

BW people little lane

Come on George, its down this alley, I am not lost….. I think….

BW people last post inn

Just one more pint…. no one will see me going in AGAIN..

BW people Home

Do I have to clean the windows AND the bbq?

BW people civic hall

Cant read it, must be in French

BW people Bulls head

The landlord took the car keys off me, now I have to walk home.

Contact Sheets of Photographs for Square Mile Assignment

Contact sheet Square Mile-1 Contact sheet Square Mile-2 Contact sheet Square Mile-3 Contact sheet Square Mile-4 Contact sheet Square Mile-5

Making the contact sheets what a nightmare, until I asked for help on face book then I was directed to the link below.

How to Create Contact Sheets in Lightroom

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