Assignment 2 – Collecting – Planning

Notes and Initial Thoughts

I want to create something that will give the viewer/spectator something to think about. I sat and thought about a number of themes, I wanted to come away from the suggested themes in the brief, I want to develop my own idea.   Through the letter box I received a large number of flyers…. its election time, a time when politicians are working hard to get your to vote, coming out of the wood work, and telling you how good life can be with them in charge. Together with this came a leaflet asking for donations for Helped the Aged. In this day and age when people are living longer, my thoughts go to the previous generation. Like my mother who will be ninety next year, and my mother in law, who recently passed away.

These things bring me to my own mortality and thoughts of getting old. I will be 60 next year, what does the future hold for me.  Politicians are promising a good life for all ages, but what do I see? In general, and after reading the Age Concern leaflet, I see some older people sad, lonely, money worries, cold and not eating properly. I am glad to say that this did not apply to my own family, but it’s there, it may sometimes be brushed under the carpet, or we turn a blind eye because it doesn’t affect us. I decided that I want my assignment to make a difference, even if only person who sees my assignment says, Yes, I will knock on the old lady’s door and see if she if ok, and maybe pass the time of day with her/him.

Project Planning

I have to produce 6-10 photographs, either vertical or horizontal, with a single coherent idea, making the photographs individual and unique, using a combination of lens techniques.

Looking at the Age Concern leaflet, I have identified several areas that affect some older people today that need addressing. Food, Paying Bills, Money Worries, Loneliness, Keeping Warm, Lack of Physical ability/illness,

After giving it some thought, I have decided to ask my mother to be my model, I have identified 9 photographs I want in my final collection, that bring emphasis to the plight of some older people as mentioned in the Age Concern Leaflet.


My photographs will be all taken inside my mothers house. I will use my mother in different scenarios coving all the areas already identified. In order to bring contradistinctional thoughts to the the scene, I will use open magazines  showing an opposite scene to what my mother is modelling.  For example, a scene where my mother is in the kitchen, holding a cheap microwave meal, I will have a magazine on the counter top, open on an advert for fine dining, with pictures of fine food. In order to make it more thought provoking to the viewer, I will slightly desaturate the main part of the photograph, to make it dull looking, but keep the magazine in almost full saturation so that it is not over looked. I would hope the the viewer will be drawn to the magazine first, then slowly look around the image and start to associate the difference between what they first saw and the image depicted in the main scene, a slow realisation, maybe a second take?  I want to invoke emotion in the spectator/viewer.

Counting money empty purse

As a test piece, the photograph above has a magazine open a page that says Shopping, I can imagine my mother sitting there with an empty purse, worried look, and a few pennies on the table.

To make sure that I practice all the techniques that I carried out in the 7 previous exercises I will be using DoF to emphasis certain scenarios, perhaps, focusing in on a magazine, depicting one scene, while my mother is in the background using shallow depth of field, just enough to show an opposite scenario.


Photo 1 – Eating, Food, Cheap Microwave meal for one, kitchen, microwave, neutral expression, low light. Magazine-Fine Food

Photo 2 – Holding a bill, Worries……. Wrinkled face High contrast, front door, Magazine-people writing letters/texting

Photo 3 – Sitting on the sofa, Counting Money, empty purse, neutral expression, split lighting, dishevelled hair, hand on face, Magazine-Shopping

Photo 4 – Standing in the front room, looking at photographs, Mona Lisa smile expression, distant memories – Magazine-Family walking, seeing their backs making new memories

Photo 5 – Looking out of the window – loneliness, taken from inside the house and out side the house??? Shallow depth of field (DoF) mother, deep DoF magazine. Open on a page were there is a family unit having fun out side

Photo 6 – Electric Fire keeping warm – cold, blanket on mother, arms folded across the chest, sad looking. Magazine open on page depicting house with all lights on and family wasting electricity???  shallow depth of field, fire in the background

Photo 7 – Physical Ability/illness – Mother seated on her stair lift, magazine advertising gym membership/physical activity

Photo 8 – Looking at the phone, waiting for a call, magazine open on a page where there are people on phones, in a cafe smiling

Photo 9 – Sleeping in the chair, head bent forward, family scene  ??






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