Tutor Report & My Reflection/Review of THE SQUARE MILE

Review of report for the assignment The Square Mile

Tutor Comment

 When you receive this report, I suggest that you go through it carefully and make notes about it. You will also find it useful to comment on the various things I have included links for. Those responses can then go into your learning log.

My Comment

So here I am making my notes

Tutor Comment

You say you have chosen to use black and white images to bring out the line and detail which it does and gives them a uniform feel across the set. However in some of the unedited images you have a strong sense of a single colour. For instance Image captioned ‘I am frightened of the dark…’ the brown colour throughout unites the image and still allows us to focus on the detail of the face and line as the colour by being limited doesn’t distract.The same could be said for ‘No Parking spaces…’ which has a predominantly blue range of colour; matching his jumper to the signage behind and the sky in the reflection. This might be a happy accident but by spotting things like this we can then use them to our advantage in the next shoot, looking for how we can use colour to our advantage.

My Comment

After looking again at my submitted images, I understand the comments made about colour. This is fine and I will work on it. I should be more observant and use colour to my advantage. Colour can be a good centre for the viewer to focus on.

Tutor Comment

In your 500 word refection you pick out several artists who you feel have been influential. I wonder if next time in your learning log you can say more about the specifics of how they are influential, as well as discussing what you find successful or interesting about their work and how you have developed your work in response to their technique, idea, etc…

My Comment

With reference to the artists and how they inspired me, I thought I had done this here:


But reading through it again I only mentioned the things I like, not what I was going to use in assignment. So in future I will be more specific in my methodology, but, I did have a full explanation in the original draft of my assignment, but I went well over the 500 words and ended up editing it to this

  • Gavin Barnard – I actually went to the burn with him
  • Keith Arnatt – same poses, b&w
    · Tina Barney – natural emotions, allowing the individuals to be themselves
    · Karen Knorr – using text to add 3rd meaning
    · Tyler Sheilds – kink the spectator to ponder and question
    · George Rousse – changing perception of the image, not just taking what we see

What I wanted to say if I had more than 500 words is: Barnard -the fact that he used inanimate objects, that had not connection to each other, other than they were destroyed in the burn and they actually took me there. I wanted to have the same effect in my images.

Arnatt – he used black and white which knit the whole thing together, and they were of similar subjects, I want to use a similar effect by changing mine to black and white and having similar poses

Barney – Used a lot of natural emotions, this I used by giving as little as possible direction to the people holding the mirror.

Knorr – This is were I got the idea of the captions, I did think of a few while I was taking the shot, looking at the surrounding and the expression/body language of the person holding the mirror. All the captions are made up

Sheilds  used colour and black and white. The images had a theme going through, then I came to ‘Death by a Rolls Royce’ and had to look twice to see the connection, to me this put a kink in the story and made me think, I used this in one of the images where you actually see my hand and the camera in the shot.

Rousse The painted circle he uses made me think of the round mirror, and putting a different perspective on things,

But point taken, I have to be more specific, like a mathematician, not just showing the answer, but how I got there…..

Tutor Comment

You reflect well on the problems you have encountered and you mention your own reflection creeping in. Sometimes it can be interesting to take a risk and  use the thing you consider a weakness and exploit it. What would it have been like if you had taken some more photos where you were deliberately included in the reflection? Maybe just parts of you and the camera to reveal the process itself and add another layer. You might still have decided that you preferred the images without, but sometimes by doing this you can find something else that actually works really well in an unexpected way.

My Comment

On the comments about taking photos to more or less back up my comments, (i.e. having my reflection in the image) I see how this can be useful to show my thinking , that I tried it and it did/didn’t work or yes you are right, it may have an unexpected outcome in my thinking. I did take one and actually put in as one of my submitted photos

Tutor Comment

Your learning log is well laid out and clear which is good. I can see from your contact sheets you have tried various poses as well as cropping to get the image you wanted. When on location, to give yourself the best quality image, as well as taking wide shots and different angles, try taking some closer shots rather than cropping so much. If you still need to crop in post-production you will loose a lot less of the image and maintain a larger better quality image for when you get to the printing stage. It is important to begin considering the difference between framing and cropping as you continue through the course.

My Comment

Yes, cropping and framing is something I should think more about. I was out in the back only this morning taking shots for ex 1.3 (1) Line. Then coming back in to crop and show the difference in the amount of pixels and the relationship in perspective when zooming, getting closer to the subject and cropping. Thanks for pointing this out, I will give more thought to it in the future. But I did only crop 1 image in the images I submitted

Tutor Comment

I am interested by the captions you have used for the images and wonder what you think they add to the image? It would have been useful for you to reflect or discuss the captions you choose to give the images, as these have a real impact on how your audience will respond and react to the images. How did they come about? Where they done afterwards, or are they a quote from the person in the photo, or something else?

My Comment

The captions I used were all made up, either at the time of shooting or later at home when viewing the images, For example the chap in ‘No Parking Spaces’, I thought he has a cheeky smile and I noticed the car parked on the pavement in the reflection, so I had his ready even before I took the shot. I thought I had explained how I came about adding captions when I wrote about Karen Knorr and how she used made up captions in her series of photographs that I researched.

Tutor Comment

Pointers for the next assignment

  • Continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone and take creative risks

with your images.

My Comment

Think about how to best do this

  • Frame your images in different ways to try and avoid the need for cropping. This won’t always work but it will help make you more aware of what you want in the image.

My Comment

Don’t really understand this, because I do know the image I usually want, I do plan and even draw the image sometimes. But I will take it on board

  • Try to reflect in more depth on the context and artists work you are researching.

My Comment

I think I do this, maybe I don’t record enough, exactly what I see and think about the people I read about, so I will take this on board and record more of my own thoughts on what I have reseached

My Final Thoughts

On the whole, I think I was able to follow the assignment criteria and work towards what was needed, I think I need to carry on thinking outside the box when working through the projects and take on board what I have learnt from this exercise and the tutor comments.


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