About my Strengths and Weaknesses

As main carer for my husband who has alzhiemers I find it hard to get out on field trips sometimes to take photos. I think this slows me down a little. I am a very determined and motivated person and want to finish my degree in 3 years. I plan to work a little each day on projects, exercises and assignments. This I do when my husband is in bed, with his carer or at his day centre. He goes once a week to the day centre from 9am to 6pm, so this will allow me to get out and take photos. If the weather is bad on this day, I have to think again and plan my outings accordingly.

I have found that I work better at night or early in the morning. My weakness is that I have a short term memory problem which means I have to read through information a few times, this is the result of having 3 strokes. The last was in July 2014. Even going through the menus on my camera can be a problem, so I have little drawings to remind me where I can find settings.  I have to keep going back to check what I am doing, so I have to take this into consideration when planning, and when I can let my tutor know about submission dates.  My problem is that I cant remember detail, Take for example the myriad of photographers I have research so far.

There were 6 who stuck in my mind, and I used these for my first assignment. as I read up on them I made notes, and kept constantly going back to the material source to read it again and again. Each of the 6 gave me food for thought, and I used this new learning to develop my own perspective and thoughts towards photography. I am already finding that there is a lot more to photography than just pressing the button! Now I can remember what impressed me about these 6 photographers, but can I remember their names. Well lets see, Arnatt, Rousse, another is Knorr, yep Karen Knorr with her photos and captions. What I now have to do is to keep going over their names and marrying them up to the information I can remember. Little notes do help.

My strengths are that I am good at planning, I have to be. Take my blog for example. Its the first time I have produced a blog, but its important. So I downloaded the OCA template and tried to work through it. It was a futile exercise. As I didn’t design it, I found it complicated so I went back to wordpress and worked through that, learning how to get a blog up and running through trial and error. The fact that I had to design it makes it easier for me to find my way around it and to keep it simple. Not just for me but for my tutor and if help is needed by my fellow students, they will find it easy to navigate too. And thank goodness for my thesaurus.  I do forget words, and when writing up an essay I know what I want to say, but I cant remember the word. And I can sit for a long while before it comes to me. So I just put a big cross in place of the word till I find it….. its hard for people to understand this problem, I have ways and means for getting around this weakness, and my philosophy is, A WEAKNESS IS ONLY A SOLUTION WAITING TO HAPPEN.

Making Time For Reading

I have ordered some books so hopefully they will be arriving soon, in the meantime I am using the internet to do some research on different photographers and artists. There is an exhibition of Andy Warhol work in Liverpool soon, and although I cant make it, I decided to find out as much as I could online.

the Andy Warhol time web is a fascinating website with so much information, you can use the time line to navigate through his whole life. it takes you to whats around in certain decades like the Bolex 16mm camera

Sometimes though, I find I go looking for something like peoples/photographers/artists thoughts on certain subjects, then I come across something else and get side tracked. Its like when I have been planning my assignment or exercises, I have to read up and right about the subject before I can complete it.  I did a city & guilds photography course some time back and have used my work book/portfolio from that course to take me back to basics. It seems to jog the old memory as its my work and it was locked away in my grey cells till I re read my own notes.

Hows it going so far

So far I think that I have been working well through the course requirements and feel that I have XXX the XXX. I am enjoying the exercises, they are really making me think. I keep wanting to do something different, think outside the box.  am learning a lot about myself too.

Setting a little goal for myself

In the oca forums there has been mention of American Photographers, so I intend to go see if American Photographers are any different to British or any other nationality photographer.

Also I have open views on manipulating photos, I have a basic knowledge of manipulating software, cropping, contrast, highlights and shadows and so forth.   I am a member of our local photographic society I quite often see photos that have been manipulated, and the question is ‘does this change what photography is all about?‘ is it about ‘getting it right in the field’ OR is it about ‘being able to fix it on your computer?’

I have seem a mediocre photograph turned into a WOW photograph using PS, and Elements.


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